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queen of wands.png

Queen of Wands

UPRIGHT: Fiery passion, energetic and bubbly, self-assured, attractive, wholehearted

You aren’t afraid to take the room by storm. You are someone who drives in leadership roles and be confident. The Queen is telling you this is the solution to your problem, keep being confident, even if you need to fake it a little. 

REVERSED: Jealous, hot-tempered, revenge, selfishness, insecurity 

The Queen defends herself and her family. There might be some jealous and insecurity when things go wrong. These might be traits of you or someone you know. Be careful in letting these emotions take control.

king of wands.png

King of Wands

UPRIGHT: Protective, innovative, inspiring, magnetic, intense energy

There is a lot of willpower in situations, which is great if you are facing any problems. When you embrace your power and sense of boldness you will find your answer.

REVERSED: Forceful, selfishness, impulsive, broken promises, extremism 

Arrogance and impulsiveness might be part of your nature. That can be great in general unless you are at head to head with someone. You might need to re-focus on what’s really important. Maybe you need to spend more time with your loved ones and consider the needs of others.

knight of wands.png

Knight of Wands

UPRIGHT: Charming, self-confident, daring, passionate, free

Brace yourself for good times ahead. Most of what is coming is positive, but it’s going to be a lot. Action needs to be taken. Pace yourself. Rushing or sitting on something for too long and it goes away. Find a comfortable speed. Your next 12 months will be more rewarding than the last.

REVERSED: Superficial, cocky, foolhardy, hot-headed, restless

The keywords says it all here. Reflect on the personality traits that suit you or someone who you are connected to. This will help you understand how to better yourself.

page of wands.png

Page of Wands

UPRIGHT: Good news, outgoing, child-like cheerfulness, creative confidence, fearlessness 

The Page of Wands is a very positive card. It brings both good news and good vibes. Good things are coming quick. So make sure to take time to connect with your inner self.

REVERSED: Bad news or intentions, easily tricked, loudmouth, impatient, lack of seriousness

Good qualities are still present. You must focus and make sure that immaturity within you or others doesn’t get in the way of accomplishment.

ace of wands.png

Ace of Wands

UPRIGHT: Creativity, enthusiasm, brilliant ideas, breakthrough, a fresh start

Passion prevails. There are exciting times with bright ideas and unique plans. Maybe you are seeking to start a new business or new relationships. It’s time to go for it. Be brave and think for yourself.

REVERSED: Few options, fear of the unknown, sudden change

You might have the talent and all the will to be able to do things but they might be at a standstill. If you are overwhelmed, focus on one thing at a time to get things done. Don’t let the stress get to you. 

two of wands.png

Two of Wands

UPRIGHT: Having more than one option, decisions, travel, discovery, partnership, personal power

This is a card of possibilities of what can be instead of what could have been or what is coming. Push forward and towards your goals and friendships. It might be creatively or cooperation. You truly have the power at hand, so make sure to use it.

REVERSED: Few options, restlessness, fear of the unknown, sudden change, canceled travel plans

Fear might be holding you back. What is making you afraid? Is there something stopping you from living life as you would like? Conquer the insecurities step by step.

three of wands.png

Three of Wands

UPRIGHT: Exploration and travel, leadership, initiative, moving forward, happy outcomes

There is success in all areas but you must remain a balance in planning and risk-taking. There is plenty of opportunities but you must be willing to meet them and take a risk. Big rewards will come with it in career, love, finance and overall.

REVERSED: Lack of forward planning, holding on to the past, self-doubt, regret, perceived failure

There may be some roadblock ahead of you but not a full-stop. Prepare for hurdles and be confident. The past is in the past, look forward. Embrace it.  

four of wands.png

Four of Wands

UPRIGHT: Celebration, excitement, homecoming, family unity, community success

Celebrate all the good times. There might be a reunion or a return to home. If you are planning a big event it will be a success. Confidence is strong here. Maybe you have a dream you are chasing. Go for it with full-force! 

REVERSED: Unhappy family, cancellations, feeling unwelcome, lack of teamwork, leaving

Tension is an issue. You might be in conflict with someone or there is a personality clash. Work on communication. Be prepared and don’t let procrastination get in your way.

five of wands.png

Five of Wands

UPRIGHT: Competition, disagreements, clashing of egos, rivalry, challenges

Disharmony is at place. Mental or physical warfare might be surrounding you and it’s difficult to resolve. Constant arguing won’t solve anything. Offer an olive branch and see if something can be resolved. Swallow pride and communicate.

REVERSED: Exhaustion, compromise, teamwork, harmony, solutions

You may be exhausted and conflict is dragging you down. But this will be solved. A little bit of compromise can untangle everything. If you want peace, losing the battle might have to be offered. 

six of wands.png

Six of Wands

UPRIGHT: Victory, triumph, recognition, pride in accomplishments, being in the spotlight

Is that a standing ovation? Because you deserve it. You have done great work and will be recognised for it. You might have felt like it has gone unnoticed but it will be praised.

REVERSED: Failure, losing, broken promises, pride before a fall, fame-hungry

You might be let down by someone you have looked up to. Where there has been success there must be failure. This failure might humble you.

seven of wands.png

Seven of Wands

UPRIGHT: Conviction, standing up for one’s beliefs, strong-willed, defiant, determined

If the Seven of Wands constitutes your past, present or future, you will need to use willpower and stand for what you believe in. Go after what you want and stand out against pressure. You have what it takes. Take a fixed position. 

REVERSED: Exhaustion, compromise, teamwork, harmony, solution

Standing up for what you believe in can also mean fighting a losing battle. Looking at the pros and cons will be important. You might be burning out of energy. If you are loosing control, search for compromise. Plan a way out and accept what it is. 

eight of wands.png

Eight of Wands

UPRIGHT: Quick action, receiving news, taking care of business, gaining momentum, exciting times

Exciting projects are ahead. Movement and travel will be in your future. A possibility for visitors. A lot of enthusiastic emotions. Things are about to turn. Strike while the iron is hot. 

REVERSED: Slow progress, restriction, bad timing, getting a late start, losing traction

Little progress will be made and things might move slow. You might have to cancel important travel plans. Your plans might not work out the way you had hoped. Don’t panic as this can quickly make you spiral. It won’t last forever. 

nine of wands.png

Nine of Wands

UPRIGHT: Perseverance, stamina, courage, standing your ground, protecting what’s important

You might always finish what you start but it’s exhausting. No matter how positive you are. Confusion and heartbreak might throw you off balance but don’t let your emotions get the better of you. 

REVERSED: Stubbornness, no compromise, lack of trust, going at it alone, suspicious nature

There might be battle caused by others but you need to stand your ground and be firm. Compromise might be necessary. Passing blame is easy but not the right thing to do. If you cannot compromise, remove yourself from the situation. 

ten of wands.png

Ten of Wands

UPRIGHT: Struggling, overextending, feeling burdened, responsibility, hard work

You have been working hard but it’s important not to over do it. Remember you have the ability to say no and not take on too many projects. Helping others is great but can be draining. Focus on where you put your energy. 

REVERSED: Undependable, buckling under pressure, stress, procrastination, huge problems

Someone might feel very overwhelmed and buckle under pressure and freeze out of fear. You might have lost motivation or drive but remember not to be too hard on yourself. Take time to rest and self care. Focus on what’s most important to you. 

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