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queen of swords.png

Queen of Swords

UPRIGHT: Supportive, empathetic, encouraging, protective, independent

This is a good omen. You will get support through the hard times in life. You will be able to see the positive things in your life. If you are experiencing loss or negativity you will be best with supportive female-energy to uplift you.

REVERSED: Careless, cruel, harsh, dangerous, cold-hearted

Someone might enter your life and wreak havoc. They will be careless, unsupportive and possibly abusive. They are only interested in themselves. Proceed with caution with a relationship. You might also be depending too much on others opinion. But don’t let yourself hesitate or it might affect relationships. Be confident and assertive. You will earn respect. 

king of swords.png

King of Swords

UPRIGHT: An astute man, authority, a leader, logical, fatherly

Routine, structure and level-headedness. You might need to find someone with these qualities to go down the path you are meant to be on. Practice critical thinking and pay attention to logic. Your heart is not meant to lead you here. 

REVERSED: Irrational, abuse of power, lack of morals, absent father 

Someone might wreak havoc upon your life. They may be careless and hurtful and only focusing on them. Only stress and despair comes from this. This card is a warning to hold on to people who guide and support you. 

knight of swords.png

Knight of Swords

UPRIGHT: Bravery, accomplishment, big changes, seize the moment, tenacity

Change is coming. If you have been waiting for a shift, it is on the horizon. Change isn’t easy but to reach your goals you need to continue. Show bravery and strength and you will be able to enjoy the benefits. Face your fears. 

REVERSED: Being stagnant, laziness, missed opportunities, go with the flow, self-doubt

A change presented to you for your future is being overlooked. Maybe your fear is getting the best of you. Seize the moment and don’t doubt yourself. With some faith and confidence you can push forward. 

page of swords.png

Page of Swords

UPRIGHT: Standing up for justice, youthful, inspiration, confidence, fairness

You will feel inspired, vigilant and motivated to take on anything! You will find yourself in positions where you are required to speak up for you and others. It might be uncomfortable but it will lead to empowerment and bigger accomplishments in all areas of your life.

REVERSED: Feeling unproductive, exhaustion, defensive, manipulation, playing mind games

Obstacles and failed plans. You might not be standing tall and strong in your beliefs. This is a reminder to stand up for what is right. Push yourself a little harder to fight for yourself. 

ace of swords.png

Ace of Swords

UPRIGHT: Clarity, sound decision making, a breakthrough, opportunities

A fresh wave of energy has the power to create or destroy. There might be a hurdle to overcome. There will be motivation here to guide you through it. Take an intellectual approach and be clear on your personal truth every step of the way. Don’t be afraid. You will understand how to overcome the obstacle and overcome it. 

REVERSED: Unproductive, irrational, destruction, missed opportunities

Clouded judgement, missing information and cutting too much too quickly. Take time to figure it all out. Maybe you are pushing too hard and missing information along the way. Slow down and check things carefully. 

two of swords.png

Two of Swords

UPRIGHT: Stalemate, coming to crossroads, time to think

You might be fighting an internal or external battle and unwilling to see the truth. If you have come to a crossroads and unsure what road to take, you should take time to prepare yourself and reflect. 

REVERSED: Emotional detachment, indecision, deception

There might be deception, particularly in partnerships. You will see the truth of a matter after some time of confusions and indecision. The end is near. The true colours will show themselves and you can move on.

three of swords.png

Three of Swords

UPRIGHT: Heartbreak, loneliness, betrayal, sadness, grief

Your emotions might take a sudden blow. There might be a loss of a loved one, betrayal or the end of an important relationship of someone dear to you. You can overcome this hurt and find your inner strength. Invest love into yourself as happier days will be ahead when this time passes.

REVERSED: Optimism, acceptance, perseverance, forgiveness

You will see triumph. What has knocked you down you will overcome. No negativity or pain will get the best of you from here. You are now focusing on the good and letting go. Keep going and be the best version of you. 

four of swords.png

Four of Swords

UPRIGHT: Anxiety, overstimulation, chronic stress, chaos

Life is overwhelming you. You might be overstimulated and out of touch. Conflict is present with your relationships, either family friends or a circle and you want to withdraw. Follow your instincts. Spending time alone will be important. Recharge and focus on you and you will feel like yourself again. 

REVERSED: Feeling rejuvenated, mental peace, relaxation

You might be struggling to manage everything on your plate. If you do not rest, you might mentally collapse. When you are rested you can work to your full capacity again. Maybe a weekend break is in order for you?

five of swords.png

Five of Swords

UPRIGHT: Battles, arguments, conflict, defeat, surrender

Battles or disagreement are impending your life. Lack of communication is overpowering. Overcome by talking and you will see change. If a compromise is difficult to achieve, talk about it. And don’t hold back. Clarity will come from it. 

REVERSED: Compromise, moving forward, solutions to a conflict

Forgive and forget. It’s time to end the battle. Resolution of conflict will come and you will find harmony in creating peace. The worst part is over. If you are not willing to settle, things can escalate. Accept it for what it is and let it go. 

six of swords.png

Six of Swords

UPRIGHT: Letting go of hatred, healing, moving forward, escape

Leave your troubled past behind you and move towards brighter times. It might not be easy to move on but it will help to protect yourself. Let this be your guide and move forward.

REVERSED: Feeling overwhelmed, slow healing, trapped

Feelings of being stuck and unable to move forward is a problem here. You might be feeling trapped. You deserve all the love and happiness you can get, do not forget that. This doesn’t have to last forever. No hesitation or fear. You deserve to find what makes you happy. 

seven of swords.png

Seven of Swords

UPRIGHT: Dishonesty, deceit, manipulation, cheating, theft

Lies and scheming behaviour as well as lack of conscience. You might be using less positive ways to get what you want. There are other ways to accomplish what you want and need. Someone might be taking advantage of you in these ways. Look closely at you and the ones around you. What does your situation look like? Hidden intentions will be revealed. 

REVERSED: Taking responsibility, starting fresh, coming clean

Turning over a new leaf. Maybe you have seen the negative behaviour you have been displaying and see that you need a change. Build new habits. If it’s someone else, it’s still positive. You are on the right track of being who you are meant to be and they will change their habits. If not, let them go. 

eight of swords.png

Eight of Swords

UPRIGHT: Feeling stuck, unproductive, feeling trapped, hopeless, helpless

A repeated cycle may have you feeling stuck. You may feel surrounded by danger and hesitate to make a move. The fear will hinder you to go where you need to be. Remember that there is always room for improvement and to overcome what you are fearful of. But only you can fix it.

REVERSED: Being productive, finding a way out, taking control, a light at the end of the tunnel, freedom

The struggle is over. You overcame your fears and it is time to enjoy your victory. If you are in a bad relationship this card is telling you that you will escape. Let go of fear and don’t let anything hold you back. 

nine of swords.png

Nine of Swords

UPRIGHT: Despair, hopelessness, anxiety, overreacting, anguish

The Nine of Swords represents self-defeat. Deep unhappiness, stress and being overwhelmed. You are probably not wondering why. You might feel like there is nothing you can do to fix it. Look in the mirror. Your problems are probably not as bad as they seem and you can overcome them with some clarity. 

REVERSED: Gaining clarity, learning to cope, letting go of anxiety, optimism, recovering

You are your own worst critic and you know it. A lot of your problems come from this. Now it is time to recognise this and get new coping skills that will help you move forward to a new and better you. 

ten of swords.png

Ten of Swords

UPRIGHT: Mental breakdown, betrayal, failure, enemies, financial ruin

Someone close to you isn’t what they seem. Someone might be saying bad things about you and stab you in the back. You can’t prevent it but you can prepare for it. Eliminate anyone who is weighing heavy on you and evaluate. Surround yourself with people who uplifts you and encourages you.

REVERSED: Finding new ways to cope, persevering, forgiveness, rising above enemies, building something new

You are getting out of the rut you have been in for a while. Negative forces are no longer surrounding you and it is finally time to enjoy your life. Celebrate what you have overcome.

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