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A woman holding an orange Pt2


Before you read my girlfriend’s side of the story, you may want to read my [first post] ( that also contains last night’s unfortunate update. Here is the update copy/pasted:

Okay guys, I realize I am a bit late with my girlfriend’s story, but when you read my latest update, you’ll see that I was quite consumed with what was happening to us. Nothing happened since the incident last night. Police called to check in with us this morning; they still have no clue what is going on really.

So her story… Let me begin by telling you a bit about us. As I said before, I was born in Bosnia, moved to a nearby country in Balkans where I grew up. I came to the US over 6 years ago. My girlfriend was born in India, grew up in Kenya until she was 3, when she moved to Canada. I met her little over a year ago, and we’ve been together since.

So, my girl, let’s call her Lila, did have few encounters with Rose. First one that she remembers was on the plane. She was a flight attendant for Air Canada for several years. One day, about 6 years ago, she was flying her regular flight, but she can’t remember what destination it was. It lasted maybe two hours. Once they took off and seat-belt signs went away, she got up to serve complimentary drinks. Halfway through her section, she met Rose. She didn't know it at the time, of course. She said that something was terribly off about the woman; she had this creepy grin on her face, was really pale and kept staring at her. When Lila offered her a drink and some snacks, she got no answer, only a wider and creepier fucking smile. Then, Rose spoke.

“I have something for you.” She said in a voice that definitely wasn't natural for a woman her age. Her voice belonged more to a teenager than an adult. There was something playful but terrifying in it.

Now, Lila has seen some shit while flying, so she wasn't taken back by this interaction.

“Yea? What would that be, ma’am?”

“Don’t patronize me, you bitch.” She said that fast. Like really fast. Her jaw was closed while saying that. Then she started grinding her teeth, never letting go of that fucking smile. This was a red flag for Lila. When passengers get aggressive, attendants walk away unless there is physical contact.

“Alright, well, you have a pleasant rest of the flight ma’am, okay?”

“I have this for you.” She whispered it holding taking an orange from behind her back. Never moving a muscle on her face. Still a teenage voice. Like when a 12 year old hits puberty kind of voice.

“No, thanks.” Lila decided to call it a day with the crazy cunt and walk away.

“Oh, but you should. Or one day, you know, one day.”

And that’s that. Lila gave her the fuck off look and walked away. Lady never bothered her again during that flight. During that flight.

Lila went home few days later and didn't think much of what had happened. When her mom asked her how her flight was, Lila smiled and said “Good, other than one really crazy lady.” Mom wanted to hear more, so Lila started telling her about what happened. By the time she said the word “orange”, her mom started crying. Lila was in shock. It was story time. Well, apparently, when my girlfriend was a baby in Kenya, she had woken her parents up a few times with loud crying. When they’d walk into her room, she’d have an orange next to her in her crib. Everything in the house would be locked though. Windows, doors, everything. It got to the point where her parents moved the crib into their room and installed security cameras. Well, on Lila’s third birthday, that morning, when they woke up, they saw an orange laying on Lila’s chest. They were absolutely taken over by horror. They called the police; police came and looked over the camera footage. Cameras clearly showed a woman opening the front door (that was locked), walking into their room, placing an orange on Lila and just standing there. For like an hour. Just standing there, with her head tilted to the left, looking at her. By this point, it is unnecessary to say that Lila was completely horrified. Her mom wasn’t doing much better either. Anyways, to keep the story going, her parents didn’t know what to do. Police couldn’t find the mysterious woman, and no security measure (other than 24/7 bodyguards which they couldn’t afford) was enough. Some of their family was already in Canada and were pressuring them to move, so this incident was a final push. They moved and left this creature with an orange behind. Until that day, on that flight.

Lila was completely unable to do anything for the next few days after that conversation. She didn’t eat much, didn’t communicate with anyone. After a while, she got better. There was no sign of further horror, so she started believing it was all a fucked up coincidence. And she went on with her life. She hasn’t seen Rose in years after that. Last time she encountered Rose was one month before she (Lila) met me.

Lila did many transatlantic flights. She loved those. Long travels, decent money, seeing the world. She had it all. One month before we met, she was coming back from a Hong Kong trip. She flew to Toronto I believe (she’s asleep, and I don’t remember exactly, I believe it was Toronto though). Crew had a nice hotel, everyone had their own room. Lila was on the third floor. She loved drinking at that time, and got pretty drunk that night. She passed out at about 1:00 am. At around 4am, she heard a knock on the door. Then another one, and then another one. But they weren’t loud or fast knocks. No, they were slow and silent, yet loud enough to wake her drunk ass up. She rolled out of bed thinking it was one of her equally drunk crew members. Not thinking much, she opened the door and there she stood. Lila said that lights in her room were off, but TV was on. Light from the screen was shinning on Rose’s face. Shining on the grin. Shinning on the pearly white teeth, bright red lipstick and a white face paired up with tilted head. You know how when you’re drunk and some scary shit (accident, cops, etc.) happens and you sober the fuck up immediately? Yea. She just let out this helpless sound of horror. They both stood there. Rose started rocking back and forth. Every time she’d rock back, she’d reveal red shoes hidden underneath her white dress. Her teeth were grinding. Then she pulled out an orange.

“Wh…what do you want from me?” Lila begged.

Rose kept rocking with a smile.

“Please, just leave me alone. I don’t have anything.”

“You take it. You take it now. He will too.” She said that with that same teenager voice, only a little more playful tone was used this time. Like a happy-ish child.

Don’t know if it was her defense mechanism activating, but Lila took the fucking orange and threw it over Rose’s head and screamed “Get the fuck out of here, and take this shit with you, you freak!”

That was the first time either of us saw Rose lose her smile. White teeth disappeared underneath the thick red lips. Head went back from a gentle tilt into its natural position.

“I will see you two soon.” She said it in adult voice. And this voice was scarier than the teenager one. Lila says its because it sounded real. Like a conscious, normal person making a threat. Of course, at that time Lila didn’t know me and had no idea who “you two” were. She assumed it’d be her mom.

That brings us to today. Yea. If you read the update from my previous story, you saw that our room was broken into by Rose (logical assumption). Pictures of the break-in were taken before police came. They will be up on here today. Some stuff in our room was moved around. We are scared as fuck, clueless as to what’s going on. I will be skyping with my mom soon to see if she has any answers. Lila will talk to her mom as well.

I am personally just shocked at these developments. I never believed anything like this was even possible. Quite honestly, if one of you wrote this story here, I wouldn’t believe shit you said. And I cant blame you if you don’t believe me. But if you have any idea about what this might be, I’m all ears. I assume it’s some sort of a cult, but the only thing that fucks with my head is the fact that Rose knew my girlfriend before I did. Everything so far could’ve been explained in a logical way, but this took it to a super-fucking-natural level. Were they putting an effort into getting us together? How’d they do that? And more importantly, why? For what possible benefit? Fuck this man, fuck this.

** Recap of the update**:

Well guys, shit. Don't know what to tell you. It happened again today. Except I didn't see her. Let me give you a quick rundown of events:

9:00 am - I go to the local police station with my gf. We tell them all we know and show polaroid. Although quite friendly, they say they really can't do much other than maybe file a restraining order against the person who probably (their words) isn't even in the country. They think I mistook her for someone else and polaroid, well they said it was probably a prank. They did take the photo and open a file about it, just in case it escalates. It did.

1:00 pm - We arrived in town where I saw her. Went to the location, there was nothing there. Don't know what the hell I expected anyways. We stayed there for a while.

6:30 pm - Arriving home. Front door of the house is open, but this is not uncommon as we live with 5 other roommates. We go upstairs to our room. Our room is open. That is unheard of as we always make sure we lock it. And our landlord is the only other person who has the key. I yell asking if someone is there, no response. Also, no roommates in the house it seems. We walk in. We freeze. Our room is decently small, constitutes of two queen size beds put together and a little dresser and that's about it. So what did we see? Pillows are all on our dresser. Towels on the bed.Our sheet is taken off the bed and put on the floor. It is spread. In the center of it is an orange cut in two halves with a little peel next to it. My laptop is facing the door and is playing the same song on repeat. My laptop was turned off before I left and was also password protected. Song is my favorite from childhood, "Africa" by Toto. My desktop background was changed to one picture from my childhood that I didn't even have in the computer.

7:00 pm - We call the police, they arrive 15 minutes later. I take about 5 pics of the mess just before they come. They say they'll start an investigation, but claim it's still not "serious enough" for fingerprints and stuff.

8:30 pm - They leave and tell us to call should anything happen. Also advise to stay with friends if possible. We spent next few hours just talking, man. Trying to figure it out. We're exhausted both mentally and physically. I am going to skype with my mom tomorrow and see if she knows anything. I will type up my gf's story tonight, but may post it in the morning if I don't finish it all in time. I will include photos I took, I promise you that much. Holy fuck, this shit is happening to me.

Come back next week for part 3!

This story has been taken from Reddit and is posted here purely for your entertainment. I take no ownership of it. I can neither confirm if it is a true story or not. I will let you make your mind up about that ...

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