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queen of pentacles.png

Queen of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Nurturing healer, down-to-earth, gratitude, social consciousness

The Queen is the mother of Earth. This is someone who is easy-going and often productive. This card may indicate abundance of many forms. It may be pregnancy or a happy event. Practice gratitude and stay grounded.

REVERSED: Neglectful of self, smothering, obsessed with status, dependence


You may be overcompensating for your unhappiness and chasing well-being for a sense of safety. Constant worrying makes you over compensate but worrying this much leads to unnecessary suffering and makes it difficult for you to find joy. Relax more and remember to breathe.

king of pentacles.png

King of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Enterprising, abundance, stability and security, groundedness

The King represents stability, positivity and abundance in every area of your life. It is often a ‘money card’ but it also shows opportunity in sights. Let the King be your guide and take the opportunities coming to you. It may also show that you have lots of love coming to you, either new or continuous from a present love. If your love is not showing support and trustworthy, they are not the one. 

REVERSED: Failing business, corruption, cold, materialistic, instability


Work might not be going so well. To get ahead find balance in long term finance for ultimate reward. This also goes for personal growth and family connections.

knight of pentacles.png

Knight of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Consistency, strong will, improvement

You are loyal, hard-working and responsible. Although these are good things, make sure that you don’t become too much of a perfectionist. Continue doing what you are doing and remember that the secret if your success is within your routine. 

REVERSED: Complacency, stubbornness, laziness


You might be out of balance. If it’s someone else it might say they are a workaholic, critical and even jealous. The Knight advises you to make some changes to achieve your goals. 

page of pentacles.png

Page of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Sticking to goals, practicality, loyalty

The Page of Pentacles is the bearer of good news. A person might be influencing your life or a situation. Or it may be showing internal energy and that you are open to new opportunities and taking action. It’s time to take action by practicality and integrity. Make a clear plan and stay grounded.

REVERSED: Procrastination, unrealistic goals, immaturity


There might be some lack of focus. This can tip the balance from success to failure. Be realistic and don’t procrastinate. Get back on track, success is at your fingertips. 

Ace of Pentacles.png

Ace of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: New beginnings, prosperity, gain, stability, abundance

Now is the time to move forward with your ambitions, money and career wise. Stay grounded and stable, you must nurture your gift but keep going. 

REVERSED: Negativity, procrastination, frustration, poor planning


This may be a warning. If you have been overspending or slacking on savings, be careful. This is not to say you will have financial troubles, but be cautious. This is not the time for big risks. 

two of pentacles.png

Two of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Finding balance, multi-tasking, perseverance

Be adaptable and preserving when dealing with life challenges. Finding balance is key here to create calmness. You may be brilliant at multitasking but remember there is a fine line in control and chaos. Divide your time and recourses wisely.

REVERSED: Imbalance, lack of organisation, overextending


Look for places in your life that might be imbalanced and find ways to ease stress. You have everything you need to succeed and walk through your troubles, you just need to find a way to bring everything in alignment.

three of pentacles.png

Three of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Teamwork, focused effort, growth and learning, mastery, recognition

The Three of Pentacles indicates that you are on the right track and making great progress. However, don’t be afraid to collaborate or ask for help. This will help you move further.

REVERSED: Lack of collaboration, no motivation, few goals, misalignment


If you have been having trouble with relationships at home, work or love related, now is the time to reconcile. Strengthening relationships and communication will help you reach the next level you seek. Learn from mistakes and be open.

four of pentacles.png

Four of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: A need for control, greed, materialism, blocking change

The Four of Pentacles may change meaning drastically on the other cards is not set in stone. You may have a strong need for control so be cautious of this. Financial stability is important to you but don’t take it too far. With relationships there might be some need for breathing space.

REVERSED: Release of the past, giving up control, generosity, acceptance


This card shows what will happen if you choose to let go. It’s time to embrace your reality. Release the toxic and get ready for a new path. 

five of pentacles.png

Five of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Financial hardship, struggle, lack of faith, rejection, sickness

You might feel overwhelmed or trapped. But things might not be as bad as they seem. Don’t let the negative cloud your view. The journey may be long with obstacles to come but you will get through it.

REVERSED: Luck, triumph, better health, improved finances, recovery


If you have been going through a difficult time, recovery is in full force. This is a great time to try new things and say yes to opportunities. Triumph is coming

six of pentacles.png

Six of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Generosity, shared wealth, prosperity, balance

Use what you have to help your community or someone who is in need. If you are in a stable position in life use your talent to benefit others. You might be the one needing a helping hand to get something new started. Don’t worry, there is plenty of that to go around for you.

REVERSED: Debt, one-sided relationships, desperation, dependence


If you are giving a helping hand, look out for others who might seeking help with ulterior motives. Your return might not be great. Don’t get into dept in doing something good. You are your first priority. 

seven of pentacles.png

Seven of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Planning, hard work, perseverance, rewards and result, long-term success

This card shows everything you have accomplished with past efforts. It’s now time to evaluate and grow. If you are feeling insecure or confused the Seven of Pentacles will show encouragement. Taking a step back to reflect may help you evaluate your next move, especially in a relationship.

REVERSED: Lack of planning, poor management, laziness, delay, impatience

Improvement is needed. Maybe you have been lazy with work, school or your relationships. Find what you can improve on within these areas. Don’t give up, the Seven of Pentacles urges you to persevere. 

eight of pentacles.png

Eight of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Ambition, diligence, mastery, crafts and talents, perfectionism

Work is in progress but this will soon be completed to a masterpiece. You are working hard to improve your skills and reach a new level of mastery. This will require a lot of focus and dedication but you are ready for the long hours.

REVERSED: Lack of quality, workaholic, mediocrity, dead-end roads

Having too many responsibilities can lead to being overwhelmed with emotions and create careless mistakes. Any decisions should be made informed and fully engaged. Learn to balance.

nine of pentacles.png

Nine of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Independence, prosperity, refinement, comfortable life

The upright Nine of Pentacles is a card of prosperity in all areas including relationships, finance and growth. There is light at the end of the tunnel with money and career. The perfect partner for you exists, but you might not have them yet. Maybe you are holding yourself back. Independence is good, but remember we all need help and partnership sometime.

REVERSED: Financial dependency, success at all costs, pride, trapped in a hustle

There might be some corruption at place. Financial dependancy, being in a relationship for the wrong reasons or actions of desperation. Putting on a show for others will not obtain happiness. 

ten of pentacles.png

Ten of Pentacles

UPRIGHT: Inheritance, affluence, tradition, a strong foundation, good family life

There is representations of traditions, conventional ways of thinking and attitudes that have allowed growth to continue on for generations. This allows the family to thrive, without it, it wouldn’t. An empire can be built here with a career or a business. The Ten of Pentacles is a welcoming card for love and family. Are they the one? 

REVERSED: Financial disputes, family feud, restriction, separation, general loss

This could be the beginning or the end of something. You may be feeling restricted or feeling like you can’t be yourself. You might have some choices you are struggling to make with relationships or of a similar kind. This card suggests that it’s for the better. Find the connections that suit you and don’t waste your time on ones that don’t give you the energy you need. 

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