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Queen of Cups.png

Queen of Cups

UPRIGHT: Femininity, loving, warmth, kindness, sensitivity

The Queen of cups is loyal, secure and honest. She may represent a person or a concept. You might hope to be more nurturing and a parent of some form. Kindness and strength illuminates from this card. 

REVERSED: Insecurity, unworthy of trust, weak, needy, shallow


If she is reversed there may be some insecurity and self-doubt at play. There may be someone who is taking advantage of this.

King of Cups.png

King of Cups

UPRIGHT: An astute person, authority, a leader, logical, paternal

The King of Cups is often someone who is very outgoing and social. Someone who enjoys entertaining others. You have a lot of skills in multiple areas. You are secure and stable. There is a lot of generosity and responsibility with this card.

REVERSED: Irrational, abuse of power, lack of morals, absent parent 


When the King is reversed there is a lot of insecurity at play. Possibly a toxic relationship. This can cause depression, and the person isn’t afraid to step over anyone to gain power. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of in any capacity. 

Knight of Cups.png

Knight of Cups

UPRIGHT: Romantic proposals, invitations, following your heart

The Knight is honourable, stands their ground but not someone who looks for an argument. There might also be a new passion coming or a new lover.

REVERSED: Heartbreak, unrequited love, cheating, deception

Reversed, the Knight may be warning you of someone who is seeking validation and attention. They might be quite demanding. Watch out for fraud and deception in either a friend or business. Their intent might not have your best intentions at heart. 

Page of Cups.png

Page of Cups

UPRIGHT: Idealism, youthfulness, child, good news

This card is a messenger. Someone is trying to grab your attention or even be a love interest. A lot of passion and child-like energy can be found in someone here. It might also be telling you about good news that are family orientated such as a birth, engagement or wedding of the like.

REVERSED: Immaturity, broken dreams, envy, childishness

Reversed, someone is trying to get your attention but their methods might not be their best. You might also have bad news or someone’s intent has ulterior motives. 

Ace of Cups.png

Ace of Cups

UPRIGHT: Happiness, fulfilment, new beginnings

Suit of Cups are associated with relationships and abundance. This card shows new love. It might be romantic or the beginning of a new friendship. There is a lot of good fortune here as well as blessings. You have a lot to look forward too.

REVERSED: Anguish, end of a relationship, bad news 


Reversed there might be a lot of disappointment or sadness. It may not be intended for you but that you need to be cautious of other’s feelings. Be careful with your words. 

Two of cups.png

Two of Cups

UPRIGHT: Happiness, relationships, love

You may have a significant relationship, friendship or love, where the relationship will develop. Maybe you have someone you want to get to know better. Focus on your existing relationships and nurture them. 

REVERSED: Arguments, strained relations, anguish


Reversed, you may have a disagreement that has caused a rift. It’s time to mend the wounds and talk to them. Offer peace and see if you can build up the bridges. 

Three of Cups.png

Three of Cups

UPRIGHT: Celebrations, good conversation, happiness

Happy celebrations are comping. Get ready to have a great time. There might be a birth or a wedding in the future or other events that bring together your loved ones. 

REVERSED: Neglected social life, cheating, gossip, frustration


Reversed there might be an unbalance in harmony. Some personal conflict or disagreement may occur without malice intent. If you are attending a big event with tension, try and enjoy yourself and leave the disagreement for another time. 

Four of Cups.png

Four of Cups

UPRIGHT: Depression, missed opportunities, feeling stuck

Have you recently formed a new friendship? There might be strings attached to it. You might be giving more than you are getting back. Are they investing as much effort as you are? Investigate before going further with this relationship. Remember that your time and worth is just as important. It should be a mutual beneficial relationship.

REVERSED: Passion, taking action, moving forward, enthusiasm


You may have a relationship  that is fading. Maybe you have outgrown each other. If this card is reversed, it’s time to consider if it is worth maintaining this relationship. 

Five of Cups.png

Five of Cups

UPRIGHT: Sadness, loss, grief, despair, loneliness

You might have to face some emotional sacrifice with a relationship. There might be a need for compromise, that might not be a negative thing. If you want to keep this relationship going you may have to give a little to keep it going. You may be indecisive. With a bit of work and love this will work itself out.

REVERSED: Finding peace, acceptance, healing, forgiveness


Reversed, there is also a sacrifice at place but this is less emotional. It might be something you need to give up, or someone that isn’t giving you what you need anymore because you may not be as attached anymore.

Six of Cups.png

Six of Cups

UPRIGHT: Playful, carefree, joyful, nostalgic, children

Your past might be catching up with you in the present and possibly the future. It might be something from your childhood or a few years ago and it might be affecting you either negatively or in a positive way. However, the card might also show an unexpected blessing. Possibly a gift from an admirer you didn’t know about.

REVERSED: Maturity, leaving home, boredom, independence 


When reversed it reflects on memories from  the recent past. You might find someone who you are not connected to anymore that still has influence over you. This shows you may refuse to let go of old baggage. 

Seven of Cups.png

Seven of Cups

UPRIGHT: An abundance of options, choices, opportunities

Opportunities are arising. But you need to make sure your decisions are focused on the future and the big picture. Don’t be impulsive and go for the thing that looks good right now. It might not work out for you long term. This card may indicate to someone who’s success is motivated by selfish reasons rather than realistic ones.

REVERSED: Bad decisions, returning to reality, feeling trapped


Reversed, you might struggle emotionally right now with lack of interest. Luckily, this will pass. With some determination you can turn things around. If you see opportunity and success coming, take advantage of it. 

Eight of Cups.png

Eight of Cups

UPRIGHT: Abandonment, travel, end of a relationship, letting go

Relationships that once were taken for granted are now running their course. It’s time to accept this and move one. There might be disappointment, usually with a relationship but it might be another aspect of life too. Regardless of what it is, it’s time to move on from it. You might struggle to settle for long and feel like you are wandering.

REVERSED: Scared to move on, stagnant, faking happiness


The Eight of Cups reversed is very positive. It includes re-evaluation and reinventing of yourself and other aspects of your life. If you have had anything holding you back, try and welcome new joys and move on from old baggage. However, it might show someone who is focusing too much on materialistic abundance and is loosing sight of the emotional blessings in life. 

Nine of Cups.png

Nine of Cups

UPRIGHT: Wishes coming true, fulfilled dreams, joy, prosperity

Your wishes may come true. This card is for emotional and material abundance and success. The Cup is full of joy and you might get everything you want. Things are going well and you are where you need to be.

REVERSED: Shattered dreams, nightmares, pain, sadness, failure


Reversed. You need to be cautious. You may be taking family and friends for granted which can cause damage in the future. Upright the card shows abundance, but reversed it might show someone who is overindulging in pleasures. Remember to not overdo it and appreciate what you have. 

Ten of Cups.png

Ten of Cups

UPRIGHT: Happiness, family, family reunions, harmony

There might be a “happily ever after” here. Long-term relationships, peace and development is what to focus on. There might be a fresh start with your home. Long term joy is in this card.

REVERSED: Despair, broken family, divorce/separation, conflict


You might experience stress in your domestic life soon. Possible disruption at home. Luckily this will work itself out but you need to be patient with it and compromise to make it work. There might be some betrayal from someone unexpected so be aware of those who might take advantage of you when you are vulnerable. 

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